Welcome to Protbase, the new integrated system developed by the Bioinformatics Core Facility for providing storage, dissemination and analysis of experimental data from the Proteomics Core Facility.

From a centralized login screen PFC users can submit service request, follow up the results and view all the details of their current and past experiments. Please read the Help Document for complete details and information on how to use the system.

The site can be accessed by a user id and password that has been provided by the facility core.

If you have already used the Proteomics Facility Core in the past then a password has been mailed to you at your given email address. You can access this site by using your email id as the user id and the password sent you by email.

If you are a first time user then create a profile using your email id as the user id. Subsequently you can submit/view experiment details by logging in.
New Prices will go into effect from April 15 2011. Please visit Arizona Proteomics for more details.
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For any questions regarding Protbase or Bioinformatics Core contact Dr. Ritu Pandey

For any questions regarding Proteomics Facility Core Service contact Dr George Tsaprailis

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